Sifu Och Wing Chun Advanced Kung FuAdvanced Wing Chun Training

Advanced Wing Chun and MMA combative training for weapons & combat in the martial art style of Wing Chun, Ving Tsun Kung fu. If you’ve ever trained in any other style of martial arts, Tiger Claw, Krav Maga, kick boxing, MMA mixed martial arts, or boxing we encourage you to stop by and see what Wing Chun has to offer. This is the real thing. Until you go toe to toe with someone who has trained under an actual master of the Wing Chun martial arts you can’t know what kind of impact and devastation it really has. This school trains you in a hands on way. If you’ve gone to schools that only teach form and moves, but not substance and real life application, then you can’t be street ready if the unfortunate circumstance comes along when you need to defend yourself. When you start at the MMA combative studio in Lakeland FL. we automatically start you off with actual real life practical applications. You’ll advance on to actual sparring and training in true self defense. Don’t think for a minute that someone looking to attack you will wait for you to get into stance or a proper form in order for you to fight them. Learn how to be ready and how to defend yourself and protect your family here with us. We look forward to seeing you! Stop by today or Call!