Chinese Dragon Dance teamChinese Dragon Dance & Lion Dance

The Chinese Dragon Dance also referred to as Chinese Lion Dance is a fun and dynamic presentation of old world tradition meets twenty first century stylings. Fantastically brought to life with the help of two of our dedicated wing chun practitioners. This is an authentically done lion dance, which is rich in meaning and deep in Chinese culture. The traditional Lion/Dragon dance is really a site to behold. If you are looking to and class and excitement to your event, we are located in the Lakeland Florida area, but we are available to travel throughout Florida. We are available for any party or event that you might need, from Weddings or Birthdays, to special events and conferences. Our Chinese Lion/Dragon dance is sure to please.

Please feel free to contact us today and save your date before it’s booked.

Sifu Och Chinese Lion Dance Lakeland FL Video

Sifu Och Wing Chun