IMG_7516Martial Arts Lakeland

Martial Arts in Lakeland, MMA combative or mixed martial arts in the Downtown area. You can begin your self defense martial arts training in the kung fu style known as Wing Chun with trainings 7 days a week. As for our credentials we are a direct lineage, 4th generation Ip Man Wing Chun studio. Training you with a realistic approach to your self defense, so you can start to protect yourself from day one of training. A real street situation could accure at any time, so you will receive hands on training in defending yourself, and using critical strikes, simultaneously. The Wing Chun Martial Arts style is completely devastatingly and to the point when taught correctly. Their are a lot of people claiming to teach Wing Chun, but have only learned the basics stylings. Don’t be fooled, Come in and see for yourself, the power and practical applications of our kung fu. Wing Chun Downtown Lakeland FL, Jeet Kune do, Krav Maga, Bone hardening, jiujitsu, Kung Fu, Self Defense, Mixed Martial Arts.

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